2013 MPCC Symposium Videos


The 2013 Massachusetts Prostate Cancer Coalition Symposium was a fantastic event. Thanks to everyone who participated, presented and sponsored this important event. Mark your calendar now for the 2014 Symposium May 16, 2014.

Opening Keynote
PSA Screening:  Understanding the controversy 
Peter Albertsen, MD – University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Urology Residency Program Director
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Comprehensive Cancer Care:  The role of palliative care 
Heidi Blake, MD – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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11:15am Dr. Stacy & Russell Kennedy

Award Ceremony

Closing Keynote


Content recorded May 18th, 2012

Opening Remarks
Allen L. Snyder III
Chairman, Massachusetts Prostate Cancer Coalition
C. Hall Swaim, Esq.
President, Massachusetts Prostate Cancer Coalition

Treater to Target: A Urologist’s Perspective of Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer is common and the issues associated with diagnosis and treatment controversial. A personal journey through these issues from both sides of the process — treater and target — illustrates the changes and challenges of each disease state.
Paul F. Schellhammer, MD, Professor of Urology, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Shared Decision-Making for Prostate Cancer Screening
Despite the publication of two large clinical trials of PSA screening for prostate cancer, controversy continues about the balance of its benefits and harms. Shared decision- making with individual patients has been suggested as one way to resolve the controversy, “one man at a time.” This session will review how clinicians help patients make a decision about prostate cancer screening that’s right for them.
Michael Barry, MD, President — Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making

Prostate Cancer Survivorship: What Every Man Should Know
This session describes the potential side effects of androgen deprivation therapy, including osteoporosis, fractures, muscle loss, fat accumulation, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The session also describes methods to monitor potential adverse effects as well as effective strategies to minimize or prevent the unintended side effects of treatment.
Alicia K. Morgans, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

No Easy Answer for Prostate Questions: Help is on the Way from Two Websites

The closing keynote discusses and demonstrates the resources available on two new websites, including harvardprostateknowledge.org, that provide new and user-friendly ways to help with decision making.
Marc B. Garnick, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center